Stolen Property Recovered Help Sought to Identify Victims

crime prevention communityDetectives from Metro Property Crimes have recently identified a suspect in numerous package theft cases in and around the Brookside area; Leawood, Kansas; and Prairie Village, Kansas.  During the investigation into these thefts, numerous items were recovered.  The items shown in the attached pictures are believed to be stolen but KCPD is unable to determine from whom the items were stolen or where.  To assist in the investigation, these photos are being shared with the community for identification.

Review property photos here

If you or someone you know was a victim of a package or other property theft in recent months, please review the photos.  If you recognize items that belong to you, even if they have already been replaced, please contact Detective Harris at (816) 581-0669 or

To complete the identification process, a copy of the order from the sender, like Amazon, will be needed.  This is an important step in the process of holding someone accountable for the thefts.  Even if your property was replaced by the sender, taking the time to assist in the investigation will help law enforcement on both sides of the state line keep our neighborhoods safer for everyone.

2015 Annual Meeting

2015 Annual Meeting



The Armour Hills Homes Association Annual Meeting is your chance to engage with neighbors and board members, participate in elections, and provide feedback on neighborhood services and activities.

The 2015 meeting will provide a detailed review of the year’s activities and present the 2016 budget for neighborhood approval.

Board members will also present topics focused on the coming century mark for Armour Hills (2022), the value of preparing and protecting our housing stock, and the tools available to homeowners as they invest in their homes.  Additional topics will  include our role in the larger community fabric, including the Gregory Boulevard commercial corridor and the Country Club District as a whole.

Your attendance and input is critical to fulfilling the mission of the Association. Please plan to attend and provide input on the important issues that affect the quality of the entire Armour Hills neighborhood.

2015 Annual Meeting Board Elections

2015 Annual Meeting Board Elections

annual_meetingTwo board positions are up for election this year: Tiffany Moore, current President and Bill Kalahurka, Director. Current nominations include Tiffany Moore (running for reelection), Steve Kidwell, and David Pucci.

If you are interested in a position on the board, please send your resume to Tiffany Moore at The seat(s) are open to any bona fide member of the homes association in good standing (i.e. dues must be current).

Check on our website for more information on board position responsibilities.

Armour Green Fountain Island Improvements RFP

The Armour Hills Homes Association in Kansas City, Missouri, is seeking proposals for repairs and improvements to the Armour Green Fountain Island. This project will make repairs and improvements to the fountain, existing stonework, and both the plumbing and electrical systems in the Armour Green Fountain Island.
All qualified contractors will be considered, please email to receive a set of contract documents.

Armour Green Fountain Restoration Update

Planning for the first of two fountain restoration projects is moving forward. Armour Green Fountain is located at 69th Street and Rockhill Road. The 3-tiered fountain in this island is not original to the neighborhood. It is actually the third piece installed in this location and needs to be replaced due to age. As discussed at the Annual Meeting, the Armour Hills Board is seeking neighborhood input on the selection of a new fountain piece. This is an informal poll to gauge interest in several options that could replace the current fountain piece.

Feedback from the poll will be combined with a number of criteria, including installation, water volume, and cost to make a selection best suited for Armour Hills. Please let us know which fountain you prefer by your selection on the poll below the descriptions of each fountain.






Tiered Fountain Option

Boy Sitting on Fish

with Shells Option

Standing Boy

with Fish Option

This option would replace the existing 3-tiered fountain with a similar piece.  The fountain would have a single water spout at the top; water would spill from the edges of each tier and then fall into the basin below. This sculpture would be mounted in a pedestal with one or two basins.  Water would come from the mouth of the fish as well as each of the shells; water would spill from the edges of each tier and then fall into the basin below. This sculpture would be mounted in a pedestal with one or two basins.  Water would come from the mouth of the fish, spill from the edges of each tier, and then into the basin below.
 20140919_131205  20150404_151326_COB_sm  SRB42873_sm


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KC Overflow Control Program

Kansas City’s Overflow Control Program is the largest infrastructure investment in the City’s history. The 25-year program aims to improve water quality by reducing the volume and frequency of sewer overflows. Improvements to the sewer system will be made in Armour Hills as part of this city-wide investment. The upcoming project is generally bounded by Swope Parkway on the east, Wornall on the west, 53rd St. on the north, and 73rd St. on the south. For more information about this program please visit


Volunteers are not paid–not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. ~ Unknown

Armour Hills benefits from an amazing cast of volunteers and new roles are being developed to engage even more great people. No auditions are required, just raise your hand and we’ll find the perfect spot for you. Curious? Could you be a coordinator and just keep things on schedule? Would you be willing to “lead” one event and only one event? How about just take pictures occasionally and submit them for use on Facebook and the website? Still curious? Check out our website to read more about some of these roles. If you’re interested in getting involved, let us know by emailing us at

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