Building and renovation activities in Armour Hills are governed by the building codes and ordinances of the City of Kansas City.  Although our homes are often the largest investment we make and the place we spend much of our time, the building permit process is often misunderstood.  There is also a great deal of misinformation available, which results in confusion.  Fortunately, the City of Kansas City provides a number of resources to help homeowners and contractors alike.

The newest resource is a “Concierge” within the Planning Department to assist in navigating the process and encourage residents to ask for help.

One commonly-held belief is that homeowners don’t need permits for work they complete on their own.  In reality, permits are based on the work being performed, not who performs it.  Homeowners can call to ask about their project and pull their own permits online* without ever going to City Hall.

Got a code question?  There’s a hotline for that.  Call the Code Question Line at 816-513-1511 or email

Building permits are a homeowner’s best friend when changes are being made.  It ensures that work is done to meet or exceed code, that your contractor delivers the work you paid for, and that the insurance policy on your home remains in effect.  If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, it can even provide help in areas you’re just learning.

These links are just a few of the resources available to understand the development process and how to ensure the work on your home is done properly and your family is safe.

*Not all projects will be eligible for online and walk-in permit applications.  Call the Planning Department for more information.