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Trolley Trail Bridge

Proposed design for the Brookside Road side of the Trolley Trail bridge. Note: Sketches are for illustration purposes only and are not to scale.

Repairs and improvements are currently being evaluated for the Trolley Trail bridge at 69th Street & Brookside Road.  These projects include an evaluation of the bridge structure itself as well as needed repairs to the stucco and concrete surfaces by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA, owner of the Country Club Right-of-Way) and a smaller project to address lighting, visibility, and maintenance under the bridge.

The smaller project is being pursued jointly by Armour Hills and the KCATA to repair the stone retaining walls, repair lighting and clear the line-of-sight under the bridge, and reduce the cost of landscape maintenance.  A small piece of this project would also increase visibility of the neighborhood along Wornall Road by moving an existing neighborhood marker to a more visible location.  Although tied into the overall capital improvements program, this project will be funded by the long-standing partnership between Armour Hills and KCATA that addresses specific maintenance aspects of the CCROW, within the neighborhood boundaries.

The most significant and visible change to the existing amenities will be the removal of both raised stone planters.  This change would reduce long-term maintenance of the stone, reduce watering costs required by elevated beds, and allow visibility under the bridge to improve safety. 

The existing bridge, as viewed from the Wornall Road side.


A concept drawing for the proposed changes to the Wornall side of the bridge, showing safety and maintenance improvements. Note: drawing is not-to-scale and for illustrative purposes only.

The proposed new landscaping would support a large-species tree (mature height over 60 feet) on the Brookside Road side similar to many that were original to Armour Hills.  This type of large-species tree is increasingly difficult to replace due to overhead lines and other modern infrastructure.

Comments and feedback on the proposed changes are encouraged and welcomed; please contact Armour Hills at or by calling 816-695-6862.

Island Landscaping

The landscaped islands at the entries to Armour Hills along Brookside Road are being cleared and prepared for fall planting. Improvements will address problems with sight lines in the short term. Once planting begins, designs will be based on the original, historic neighborhood designs from 1922.

These layouts are adapted from those original plans. Note that the colors here are simply for contrast and may not represent the actual final plantings.

The adaption of the original landscaping plan for the 68th St island
The adaption of the original landscaping plan for the 67th St island
The adaption of the original landscaping plan for the 66th St island