2013 Strategic Plan

The Armour Hills Homes Association will protect and enhance the
character and integrity of our neighborhood, improve the quality of life
for our members and provide leadership for significant community

Guiding Principles

I. Neighborhood Character
Maintain a high quality of life in the neighborhood by protecting the historic
diversity of the housing stock, sustaining safety and security, and improving
pedestrian facilities to expand walkability.

II. Common Space
Protect the open spaces throughout the neighborhood that define Armour Hills,
and enhance both their functionality and sustainability for all members.

III. Sense of Community
Support the engagement of our members through on-going events and programs,
the continuous building of consensus, and providing unique and fun opportunities
for interaction to improve neighborliness.

IV. Well Maintained Infrastructure
Improve the neighborhood’s public infrastructure, including curbs, gutters, streets
and utilities in order to sustain property values.

V. Financially Viable
Ensure the prudent use and expenditure of Association funds consistent with best
practices to sustain neighborhood programs and activities and provide for

VI. Advocacy
Lead through pro-active advocacy on civic issues that impact our greater
3-Year Implementation Plan of Action
Below is a matrix of projects identified by the Armour Hills Homeowners Association (HOA)
Board that will implement the Guiding Principles over the next three years, including the
Board members responsible for the task.

Projects Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Financial Policy Update  X
Financial Plan  X
Formalize Budget Process  X
Revise Bylaws  X
Create Delinquent Dues Policy  X
Increase Annual Dues  X
Capital Improvements Plan  X
Pocket Parks Upgrade Plan  X
Historic Overlay  X
Resource Toolkit  X


1. Events – Board & Events Chair (Ongoing)
2. Member Engagement – Board & Committees (Ongoing)
3. Board Manual & Procedures – Board (Ongoing)
4. PIAC – Gunnar (Annually)

Year 1:
5. Financial Policy- Treasurer
6. Financial Plan – Gino
7. Formal Budget process – Tiffany
8. Bylaws Revision – Gunnar/Gino
9. Delinquent Dues Policies –  Board
10. Annual Dues Increase – Board

Year 2:
11. Capital Improvements Plan/Physical Plan – Tiffany & Gunnar
12. Pocket Parks – Parks & Islands Committee

Year 3:
13. Historic Overlay
14. Resource Toolkit

Armour Hills 2013 Strategic Plan